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How To Influence People In Your Comfort Zone

To be able to influence someone has everything to do with making a good first impression. But do you know what kind of impression you make? Like the famous saying goes ‘You only have one chance to make a good first impression’. So you better be sure that it’s spot on.


Whenever you meet someone new, you make a quick scan of that person. This is almost like a pre-first impression, because you do this before you’ve actually spoken to this person.  After this quick scan you decide whether you’ll like or dislike this person.  All you do in the next phase is looking for signs that confirm your first thoughts of someone. This is the called the Horn-Halo Effect. When you get a negative vibe from someone you will constantly keep looking for signs that confirm that negative aspect. This is the Horn Effect. The Halo Effect is the opposite, you have a positive feeling about someone, so you look for signs that confirm this positive feeling.


In the next phase of first impression comes the role that people will assign you. These roles will define how you can influence someone.
The power of influence states that these roles are: Authority, Friend and Example. When you first meet someone, you will automatically put them in one of these roles. This can change after the first handshake or after a conversation; or your first impression is spot on.

What do these roles mean? Let’s start with Example. An Example is someone who is a creative free-thinker, who is able to speak naturally to people and is comfortable with themselves. An Authority is someone who is a natural leader, who speaks with conviction and is dominant. Last but not least, is the Friend. Someone who’s a likeable, people-person and you can easily relate to.


To be able to influence someone, you first have to know which of these roles apply to you. Of course you can be a mix of two, but most people will fit to one role more specifically.  Own your role, make use of your attributes and exploit them to your benefit. If you are a Friend; use your social skills to influence people. If you are an Authority; use your dominance and forcefulness to get what you want. More of an Example? Make us of your creativity to exude your influence.

Want to know more about the roles of influence and how you can influence people. Sign up for the Power Of Influence Breakfast Session at Spaces Vijzelstraat on March 17th.



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