How to get clarity in your meetings

The most successful woman of the talk show industry, Oprah Winfrey, shared one of her secrets with the world, in the book ‘High Performance Habits’ from author Brendon Burchard. In this day and age everyone seeks for clarity, and especially when talking business this is almost impossible to find. How do you make sure your message comes across? How do you start? Let’s see how Oprah does it.

Clear as glass

Achieving clarity in a meeting is often extremely hard to find, and seeking it is something that we all have to do. Yet, how come it is so hard to find it in the first place? It might be because every single person in the meeting is distracted. Whether that is because they need to rush to another meeting after this one, or because they have just received a frustrating email from a client or they want to grab the opportunity to talk to an unreachable colleague at the meeting. Either way, they are distracted and not focused on the meeting. This results in nobody fully receiving the information you’re sending across. This not only effects the importance of your information, it’s also a loss of time and money that everyone has spent on attending the meeting and still not being  clearly informed.

Start off right

Having the experience of interviewing over 30.000 people, managing multiple businesses and having attended countless meetings over the past decades, Oprah stated that every meeting should start with three simple questions. At the beginning of every meeting, as the person presiding over the meeting, ask the group “What is our intention for this meeting? What’s important? What matters?” This way, the goal of the meeting and how to get to it, is immediately clear to everyone involved. Our advice is to try asking these questions when you start your meeting, to gain focus from the first second.

Work it

Our meeting rooms are designed to keep your team or your clients comfortable, creative and focused, while our staff ensures you have everything you need. From audio-visual equipment, whiteboards and WiFi, to food and beverage services, we’ve got you covered. We know that sometimes getting out of your everyday environment is just what people need to get their creative juices flowing. If the focus of the people involved is still hard to find, think of Oprah’s tips, apply them and the goal of your meeting will be clear as glass.

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