How to dress for office parties

It’s the best season of the year and that means you’ll probably get to see a different side of your sweet coworkers. Or even show a different version of yourself, perhaps a looser version…

It’s Christmas. Not Carnival.

Even though it seems like there are not enough hours in the day, prepare yourself for all the office parties. You might not only have a crazy Christmas sweater lunch, a champagne breakfast or booming Christmas party, you might also join your partner for their Christmas parties as well. Most likely these events have a certain dress code or theme. Good. We love themes. And we’re not hinting towards going all out and crazy, but we are suggesting to at least try to have a hint of the theme within your outfit. Not only is it quite fun to dress up a little, but it also shows you care and that will score you bonus points guaranteed.

Keeping it classy.

If you’re trying on your newly bought dress for the Christmas parties and you’re wondering if it’s a little too short, it probably might be on the short side. Even though we suggested to showing a different side of yourself during the party, we’re sure that’s not the side of yourself you want to show off. We suggest to keeping it a little classy, as it’s also a lot of fun to dress up. And if the dress code is missing, we advise to go a little overdressed. After all, it is Christmas. An all-time classic maybe? The LBD, which is suitable for almost every situation, is perfect for your office Christmas party. So if you’re still doubting…

The more the merrier.

It’s all fun and games to work alone, but partying alone? Not so much. That’s where we step in with Christmas parties organised around the globe.

For Dutch readers: grab a coworker and your best sparkly white, silver or gold outfit and join us for the Christmas Party of the century. It’s not too late to get your tickets. Drinks and dinner bites are included.

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