The future is looking bright pink


The idea behind Foodora is amazingly simple. Why stuff yourself with burgers, pizza and fries when you can have restaurant-quality food delivered to your own home?

Haute cuisine at home

That’s what the people at Foodora thought when they started the company. No more eaters’ remorse, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the cities where the service is available. Their delivery service is hard to miss when they’re biking through the streets in a stylish bright pink.

Going Dutch

The company grew from just three employees in 2015, to over 600 within a year. Even though it isn’t a Dutch company, the food is delivered by bicycle which is about as Dutch as it gets. And that might just be one of the reasons the Dutch like it so much. Because the company has its own delivery force, restaurants don’t have to hire their own. This makes the service available for any business, no matter how small.

Growing towards the future

Their availability sets Foodora apart from the competition. And despite the fact that it faces huge competition from other delivery giants, the plan is to continue expanding to new cities. It’s green, healthier than usual delivery services, and flexible. Not to mention the fact it gives small businesses a chance to reach a far larger crowd. It’s innovations like these that make Foodora a perfect example of the way we do business in the future. Let’s hope it becomes available in the rest of the Netherlands soon.

Regional Manager for the Netherlands, Vincent Hosman, will be one of our guest speakers at Rotterdam Talks Tech: The Food Edition. This night is all about sharing thoughts, ideas and innovations in the food industry, so make sure to claim your spot.

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