From Zero Waste Queen to Energy Vampire: how green-conscious are you?

Back home we neatly separate our organic waste, collect plastic packaging, recycle our empty wine bottles and switch off the lights when we leave. But living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t end when leaving your home. What about the place where you spent most of your time during the day: the office.

It’s not just the brick buildings that need to have their carbon footprint reduced, it’s the people in it who can support to do it. Which raises the question: on a level of Zero Waste Queen to Energy Vampire, how green-conscious are you?

Kill your energy vampires

OK, let’s be honest: how often is it, that our laptop or phone’s battery hit that bright green 100% capacity and we still leave it plugged in? We tend to forget as we simply don’t see the harm in leaving it plugged in, but did you know that even when it is fully charged, or turned off, it still uses standby power? Studies have shown that these energy drainers are responsible for 5-10 percent of the total electricity use of residential homes in The States. So, plugin and plug out, people and kill those energy vamps. Let’s make it a new thing.

Green commuting is hot

Who doesn’t enjoy themselves a good traffic jam by bus? Or kicking off your day with a rush hour? Checkmated in the middle of a crossing, hugged by honking cars? Right, no one does. Especially not our planet. So, let’s get up early, bring yourself a nice cup of joe to go (in your re-usable mug) and watch the sun come up while walking yourself to work. Maybe if your office is too far, you can cycle there. Still too far? Look up the closest Spaces location near your home. We know, switching up workplaces might seem a little out of your comfort zone, but don’t forget that, that’s where the magic happens. Fun fact: research has shown that switching up seats and working environments have proven to boost your productivity and improve your creativity. Oh, and did we mention the extra exercise?

You don’t have to go cold turkey

Do you find the thought of completely crossing off meat from your menu a tough one? We understand. So, why not start with just one day a week? At several Spaces locations, our ingenious chefs cook up the most tasteful, meatless lunches on Mondays. Might want to give it a go and savour the chef’s meatless lunch next Monday?

Let’s re-everything

We can keep asking ourselves every minute of every day if we reduced, reused, recycled all of our usage and waste? But let’s be honest; that is quite the task. So, let’s just thrive for consciousness. How about starting with (re)think before we act? Throw away your garbage in the right bin and make sure you really match, not mix. Re-consider that fancy reusable Spaces coffee mug as your best office bud and try to reduce overall. And you might want to reconsider your toilet-run-routine. For instance, do you recognise opening the tab before grabbing soap to wash your hands? Meanwhile, the water keeps running while we soap in our hands. Such a waste of water, when you think about it. Then we grab, not one, not two, but often a handful of those paper towels to dry our hands. Well, you get the point. We don’t want to call the green police upon you, just create a little more awareness for creating a healthy planet to inhabit in the future.

Are you with us?

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