Five reasons to consider a virtual office.

When your business faces the downsides of homeworking, moving to a physical workspace isn’t always the answer. Instead, virtual office service can prove a smart alternative 

Homeworking has its benefits, but it can prove quite challenging when your administrative tasks start to interfere with your work. Perhaps you’re starting to feel like you want a more professional setup for your business? Hot-desking or hiring workspace may prove to be the right solution for the longer term, what about something that fits your needs right now? 

Step forward, the virtual office. Here, your business is registered at an address without you actually moving inIt’s cost-effective, easy to set up and comes with a host of benefits for businesses such as yours 

It looks professional 

Having a formal business address is a simple and effective way to bolster your business’ reputation. To outsiders, it makes your company appear credible and creates a far better first impression to potential clients doing an online search. It also helps to protect your privacy, keeping personal and professional domains separate and therefore more secure.  

 Onsite staff can receive post and answer business calls  

Receiving endless work-related packages to your home is never ideal – especially if you miss a delivery, or important business items get muddled with personal purchases. A virtual office means you can compartmentalise deliveries, and you can depend on reliable, trained staff to sign for business packages. There’s also the option to ask staff to answer business calls and take messages on your behalf. 

It’s a great way to test the water if expansion is on the agenda 

Perhaps you’re considering trialling a new market overseas, but need to put in the groundwork first? Opting for a professional business address in a relevant location can establish your company and demonstrate commitment to stakeholders and customers. Virtual office staff can take calls for you, mitigating awkward language barriers – and you’re not tied into a lengthy, traditional workspace lease if your plans change. 

You can choose from thousands of locations around the world 

With locations across the globe, the Spaces network is set up for businesses seeking to broaden their horizonsWhether you’re looking for a suburban address close to your clients, or one within a sleek skyscraper in a financial hub, there’s likely to be a centre nearby that will suit the location and purpose of your new base. 

 You can upgrade to a real office  

The flexibility that comes with virtual office package is designed for small, growing businesses. Customers can choose to make a centre of operations right at the professional address where their post is sent, or they can opt for more comprehensive virtual office package, which includes receptionist services, a local telephone number, access to a free community meeting room and unlimited use of business lounges across the world.

Is it time your business looked into a virtual office? Find out how Spaces can help

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