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The First Boss Ladies Brunch

On June 1st, 14 incredible boss ladies gathered at Spaces Vijzelstraat to talk about the tips and tools they are using to make their freelancer goals a reality- and what better way to do it then over a delicious brunch.

Topics included staying focused, talking money with clients, and creating a routine. Here are a few tools the boss ladies recommended to paving a path towards that successful freelancer life:

  1. Staying organized (and focused!) with Bullet Journal
  2. Keeping track of your daily to-do list with trello
  3. Get offline and go for a coffee with a friend, colleague, or collaborator
  4. Say an idea out loud, and visualize it happening- it will!
  5. Need a break? Take one! A 15 minute walk works wonders

The next edition will be on August 3rd, at Spaces Zuidas. Want to join? Sign up at the reception.
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Business is hard, but brunch makes it better.

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