New Spaces opening in February 2019 – From Miami Beach to the Mumbai buzz

New Spaces opening in February

Next month, there’ll be ten more Spaces to choose from all around the world. With seven amazing new locations in the US, this month’s focus is all mostly about the States. Still, there’s a whole world out there, so we’re celebrating the opening of two German Spaces as well as an inspiring new Spaces in India. We’ve made sure that all Spaces opening this month offer an extra dash of personality and uniqueness.  Here’s what we’ve been up to.

New Spaces opening in February

Spaces Inspire Hub, Mumbai, India

Located in one of Mumbai’s most creative districts, Spaces Inspire Hub does exactly what its name implies. This spacious location in a fully refurbished art-deco style building offers a place where your productivity soars and where the creative juices flow freely. And it’s not just pretty to look at, because it’s also pretty convenient with in-house parking, café area and high tech security system. Ideal for the business that wants it all.

Spaces Kornmarktarkaden, Frankfurt, Germany

Found at the heart of the largest financial hub in continental Europe, this new location has everything going on for it. Frankfurt is a thriving metropolis, perfect for any business looking to play in the big leagues. And when walking through one of the city’s most iconic and eye-catching streets in historic Altstadt, you wouldn’t expect to find a lot of modern architecture. That’s until you come across Spaces Kornmarktarkaden, which is sure to make your head turn. With its large open windows, intricate design and excellent accessibility, finding your next big business opportunity shouldn’t be much of an issue here.

Spaces Ansgarihaus, Bremen, Germany

The Ansgarihaus is unmistakably one of the most intriguing landmarks of Bremen’s city centre. The “Bremer Carrée” is ideal for some quality shopping, gastronomy and, of course, for renting office space.  As a major part of the plan to revitalise the city centre, the former Carrée was renamed and refurbished to what it is today. Spaces Ansgarihaus is ideal for the ambitious business, looking to make it big in Bremen’s renewed core.

Spaces Miami Central, Miami FL, USA

It’s finally here. Our first location in Miami, and it’s quite something. Not to show off or anything, but taking a quick stroll outside of Spaces Miami Central takes you through a green, tropical paradise. And at just a few blocks away, you’ll be at the waterside getting your tan on. But there’s more happening than just really nice weather, beautiful views and beaches. Because Miami’s importance for business is also hard to ignore. With that said, this well-connected entrepreneurial hub is sure to fit right in.

Spaces Las Olas Square, Fort Lauderdale FL, USA

Staying in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is just a stone’s throw away from Miami, so we’re doubling down in the South. Spaces Las Olas Square is found right on the iconic Las Olas Boulevard, where business meets the beach. And when it comes to making your brand a successful one, location is key. That’s where this Spaces shines. The boulevard is absolutely packed with dining, lunch and shopping options, allowing you to discover something new every day.

Spaces The Quad, Irvine CA, USA

Found in the Orange County, the offices at Spaces The Quad are the real deal under the hot Californian sun.  And with its inspiring surroundings, the unique atmosphere is ideal for establishing new relations, growing your brand and grabbing anyone’s attention.

Spaces Thomas Circle, Washington DC, USA

Not only is Spaces Thomas Circle within walking distance of the White House, its wide open offices feel absolutely presidential. With some all-American business powerhouses in the area, you’ll fit right in with the cool kids. If that’s not enough to persuade you to drop by this stunning location, maybe the rooftop penthouse and roof terrace will. For most of us, that’s about as close to the White House as we’ll get outside of guided tours, but this is a great first step.

Spaces Pioneer Square, Seattle WA, USA

This month is proving to be a month of firsts, with the first Spaces opening its doors for business in Washington state, Seattle to be more precise. And we’re so proud of this location, we lost some sleep over it (terrible pun – we know, we know). But still, this Spaces is worth checking out. The Pioneer Square neighbourhood has always been one of Seattle’s most influential areas, as the birthplace of the city.  That’s why we just had to open right here, so you can base your business at this historical seaside Spaces.


The DUMBO area offers New York’s most tech-rich neighbourhood, combined with the raw, Brooklyn atmosphere. We all know the classic loft-style buildings in Brooklyn. Well, that’s where this Spaces draws its inspiration from. The offices give off that classic loft-vibe throughout, providing that real, raw startup vibe all around. This is your chance to claim a little part of it at Spaces DUMBO.

Spaces Meatpacking District, NYC, USA

Spaces Meatpacking District is the perfect example of what’s been happening to the Meatpacking District across the past decades. Going from an area known for, well, packing meats, it has become a lively blend of culture, industry, arts, gastronomy, business and so on. Now, it is a buzzing centre for all types of businesses, but above all, a place where cultures blend together in perfect sync. Feel like walking in and checking us out? You’re always more than welcome to come and meat us.

Can’t find the Spaces you’re looking for? Check out our locations page for your nearest Spaces. 

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