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The Power of Influence Workshop

Curious how you can influence others through non-verbal communication?

In this interactive workshop you will learn practical tools and tricks based on the powerful combination of psychological conversation techniques, non-verbal communication and neurologie. Master every conversation to achieve your goals and enhance your professionalism.

About the trainers

Denise is a psychologist with a background in neurology and a certified body language expert. By integrating her knowledge and experience in these different areas, Denise developed a unique method which ensures her clients multidisciplinary competence, profundity and a lasting effect. This method provides the tools to interpret the body language of others and improve one’s own body language, leading to more success in business and personal life.

Susanne is a highly experienced communication trainer in commercial management. Her many years of experience made Susanne discover what it takes to be successful in the business world. She uses this knowledge to help others use their talent to improve themselves and their organisation. In tailor made training and coaching programs she challenges, boosts and elevate the performance of professionals.

Denise and Susanne
Denise and Susanne
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