The first and last impression – major assets to grow your business


Learn 3 simple methods that guide you successfully through every situation in your business. People invest in people and work with people. Relationships are crucial for a thriving business. What are you looking for? Investors, team members, customers? Every day entrepreneurs lose money and customers because they are not aware of the small behavioral traps they are stepping in. They are so easy to avoid by creating a good impression and to leave a positive last one.

In this 45 minutes speech, our new member Marcus Selzer will address how to create a great first impression and how to leave the last impression that makes the difference. At the same time, he will demonstrate the strength and power of trust. Marcus broad experience as a sales manager and key account manager have allowed him to discover the major points that a company should focus to progress in their business. For more information regarding Marcus, please visit golden-sail.ch.

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