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The Beauty Of Symmetry

The John Adams Institute presents: The Beauty of Symmetry through the eyes of a Mathematician

‘We are pleased to announce that renowned American mathematician Holly Krieger will visit the John Adams to discuss how mathematics can be used to describe the beauty of symmetry. For centuries, symmetry has fascinated philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians, artists, architects and physicists. It is a prevalent aesthetic theme in the art and architecture of many cultures, and is found all throughout nature. A human face, for example, is found to be more attractive when it is symmetrical. But why is symmetry so satisfying?

Holly Krieger is a lecturer a Britain’s University of Cambridge and Director of Studies and Fellow in Maths at Murray Edwards College, one of the few women-only colleges of Cambridge. She is well-known for her Numberphile videos which have drawn millions of views. She will explain how mathematicians study both natural and abstract objects by understanding their symmetries. Join us this evening for an inside view of the mathematics that are all around us.’

Spaces Zuidas will host this event. Therefor, we have 20 seats available for our community. Interested in joining? Send an email to our reception.

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