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Talent Engagement Leadership

Learn from the two industry experts on how to lead your organisation in workplace engagement.

Panel speakers:

1) Mr Hyoungjin Woo, Head of HR Services (SEA & South Korea) of Boehringer Ingelheim

2)  Ms Paula Day, Principal Organisational Development Consultant of Oracle Corporation

Building Engagement in an Increasingly Agile World – Ms Paula Day

Companies today talk about needing to be agile as they strive to stay competitive in the face of technology disruption and globalisation. How does this focus on organisational agility impact their ability to keep employees engaged & motivated? How can an organisation develop people at the right pace when it is making even faster changes to work products, processes & decision making? What does this mean for career development when roles have to change so fast, often with short notice? How does the human reaction to change impact employees’ willingness to connect with companies and perform well? These are the challenges currently facing many organisations right now and the impact is felt in many key areas of engagement – survey results, performance, succession planning and attrition.

Winning Team Spirit with Fun:  Employee Engagement Framework and Internal Company Events –  Mr Hyoungjin Woo

Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore – Regional Centre has established a framework for the employee engagement for the region to promote the winning team sprit culture in the organisation and emphasize our 4 core values, Passion, Trust, Respect and Empathy. There are multiple components in it including the regional recognition program, talent development program, employee referral, and internal company events. One of the best example of the employee engagement activities shall be the Sport and Recreation Activities in Singapore. This employee committee, which consists of 10 – 15 employees from various functions, is proposing and executing many creative/fun company events along the year. It has been proven from the internal survey that this motivates our employees and make them feel genuinely proud of working in the organisation.

Limited seats. Availability on first-come, first-serve basis.

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