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One Step Beyond – TEDxAmsterdam

From our partner TEDxAmsterdam:

Every year, the TEDxAmsterdam team chooses a theme for its event. The theme provides the program, creative and experience teams with a framework to build upon. The goal is to bring together a diverse set of speakers and acts on the main stage, but at the same time to have a common thread throughout the event: visuals, opening and closing acts, experiences in the foyers and during the interactive program. Some of previous TEDxAmsterdam themes were; New Power (2016), Big Questions (2015), Somewhere in time (2014) and Connected Consequences (2013).

The theme of TEDxAmsterdam 2017 is One Step Beyond and has three sub themes; each of which will get its own session at the event. Big scientific and technological break throughs are the sum of small discoveries, coincidences and victories that lead to a ‘eureka!’ moment. Considered steps individually makes them seem small, but together they are the driving forces forward, ‘a sequence of steps beyond’; an idea in motion. All links, moments, insights and people who are just one step in the whole are at least as important as the total. Our creative partner …,staat brings this to life in the campaign and design in different ways.


So, why did we choose this theme for 2017? Monique van Dusseldorp, Program Director: “One step beyond combines two elements that are close to heart for us. One step is something we can all take – we invite the delegates to be part of changes in the world, and provide ideas on what they can do themselves.” She states: “Beyond is an open indicator of the huge changes that we feel are coming: the generation of humans now alive is taking an enormous step into an unknown world with enormous technical and societal changes.”

The three subthemes focus on the relation we have with nature, intelligence and human society.

Beyond Nature

3D printed heart valves, genetically modified food, wild robots, smart agriculture; we are surrounded by so much technology that it’s becoming our new natural environment. Interested in topics such as: DNA programming, the fusing of tech and biological processes, new forms of food production, living forever, new forms of experiencing nature, saving nature, animals and plants? Then Beyond Nature is right up your street.

Beyond Intelligence

Human technologies have become so complex that they now behave like independent ecologies. Algorithms run the stock market, computer viruses keep going long after their creators have set them free, genetically modified organisms thrive in the wild. In this new world of wild, technological beasts, will humans be at the mercy of our own creations? Do you find yourself thinking about artificial intelligence and its consequences, different forms of intelligence, connecting brains and brain research? Then get ready to go Beyond Intelligence.

Beyond Human

The key assets of the 21st century are fluid, intangible, and resolutely humanistic: attention, reputation, knowledge, inspiration, identity, and most importantly, inter-personal relationships. The capacity to build and mobilize these assets is central to the success of any organization, and represents the driving force behind the success of collaborative platforms. How has the advent of a technologically driven 21st century mindset changed how we all communicate, work, and live with each other? If you’re into building social capital; how organizations and individuals that play a role in this; philosophies on the next stage of our evolution; or anthropology of our actual behavior, Beyond Human is for you.

We can’t wait to see what it will bring! We hope you are as excited as we are!

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All tickets are sold out. Being a partner of TEDxAmsterdam, gives our community the opportunity to buy a ticket. Let us know if you’re interested.

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