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St. Jordi

On April 23rd, it’s the most important day for culture, society and love in Catalonia.

The legend goes that long time ago, in Montblanc (Tarragona) a ferocious dragon capable of poisoning the air and killing with his breath, had frightened the habitants of the city. The habitants, frightened and tired of their ravages and misdeeds, decided to calm him down by feeding one person a day to be chosen by lottery. After several days, the princess was out of luck. When the princess left her home and headed for the dragon, a knight named Sant Jordi, riding a white horse and wearing shining armour, suddenly appeared to go to her rescue. Sant Jordi lifted up his sword and killed the dragon, finally freeing the princess and the citizens. from the dragon’s blood sprang a rose bush with the reddest roses ever seen. Sant Jordi, triumphant, plucked a rose and offered it to the princess.

Because we like Saint George and we love books, we have decided to place a SHAREPOINT BOOK, where you can place books that you no longer want and take those you want to read, and what better day to inaugurate it than the day of the book… and the rose.

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