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Creative Meetup

Calling all creators, designers, writers and marketing professionals. Take a moment to come together and share presentations, your thoughts and experience and meet your fellow creators at Spaces.

Programme 5pm – 7pm

  • Welcome by Victor Silvis
  • Presentation by Gerrit Nagel, general manager NL of the UK based media agency All Response Media. Gerrit is going to surprise us with a talk about a medium we all thought was stone-dead.
  • Rene Nuijens, an Amsterdam based freelance Dutch director and photographer known for his dry humor, shows us why humor is a theme in all his projects.
  • Sella Molenaar is a fashion illustrator and will tell about her passion for drawing.
  • Who are you, what do you need?
  • Drinks

Please sign up by sending an email to the reception.

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