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Creative Meetup

Calling all creators, designers, writers and marketing professionals! This year’s third Creative Meetup is all design and strategy, so let’s get together and get the creative juices flowing. Share presentations, your thoughts and experience, and meet your fellow creators at Spaces.

Programme and speakers

  • Sherlocked, by Pim Schachtschabel

Five years ago Pim Graduated as an architect but chose to be an artrepreneur instead. Currently he is one of the co-founders of Sherlocked, the company behind the most visited and highly prized escape rooms in the Netherlands. These escape rooms are not just designed to make your brain work. They are unlike any others because they open the door to a world of mystery and adventure that give people a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Pim Schachtschabel has been designing immersive experiences at Sherlocked for a few years now and will share insights into the design process of their creations.

  • Marketings’ Next Top Model

Spaces’ prettiest marcom boys and girls? No, we are talking creative strategy models.

Are you still working with the golden oldies like AIDA, Brandkey, Kotler? Or the new models from Sinek, Value Canvas, Kawasaki or the brand-new ones like Purpose, Pro-Social, Business Happiness? Whichever one you use, we’d like to share our favourites and hear about yours. Join Redmatters’ creative director Bert Wisniewski and independent creative director Victor Silvis in this Creative Meet Up Session about Marketing Models.

  • What happens down below? The making of the North-South Metro line

When can we take the tube to Spaces Vijzelstraat? Spaces member and website developer for the North-South Metro line Joera talks about the site wijnemenjemee.nl. He shares the story of constructing the new subway line, how it almost brought down the city council and the lessons learned on local communications.

Be there! Sign up via reception.

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