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A Day in Dance at Mysteryland

Get inspired by this very exclusive guided backstage tour and learn from inspiring dance industry speakers, with learning outcomes such as:

  • Understanding the history and social – cultural context of Dance.
  • Understanding the organisation of large-scale Dance Events from concept to production.
  • Understanding the marketing strategy for Dance Events as a brand.
  • Understanding the translation of brand identities (clients / partners / sponsors ) to Dance Events.


Intro: A History of House
The story of a global cultural phenomenon

Masterclass 1: Dance Event Concept & Creation
The process from the first drawings to successfully implement the ideas into the rapidly changing environment

Lunch at Mysterland location (during build up)

Masterclass 2: Dance Event logistics & procurement
Innovative production solutions and procurement from a dance event perspective

Exclusive guided tour

Masterclass 3: Brand Identity & Dance Events
Proven case studies and a look into the future of Dance Events



  • Victor Coral, Head of Education @ School of House
  • Sjoerd Wynia, AIR & Amsterdam Open Air
  • Sylvester Lindemulder, Nachtlab Agency BV
  • Ed Overvest, ID&T Europe
  • Eric Keijer, ID&T Entertainment


Amsterdam, Floriadeterrein, Hoofddorp

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