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Don’t forget this when taking a new job

So you’ve decided to find a new job. Perhaps a job with more responsibilities, a job with which you can make a bigger impact or just one with a larger salary. Whatever your reasons are, you take all of these into account.
Next: you’ve found a job that you like and better yet, they like you. They make you an offer, you negotiate a bit more salary or better perks and seal the deal. Congratulations.

The social aspect

However, there is one thing that many people forget to think about. The people you get to work with. Have you met the team? Because when you join a company, you’re joining  a readymade social network, and they become a large and influential part of your life.  You spend most of your hours at your job around this group of people.

Be part of the group?

Ask yourself do I want to be part this group? Will I fit in? Think about these people, do they seem like people I want to spend most of my time with? Will we have things in common? Are they people you want to be like?

Actually, these questions are not only relevant when you are considering to take a new job, also when considering staying in a job. You might think that only your friends and family influence your behaviour, your co-workers do that too. It is another social network that is a big part of your life. So do the people in the organisation seem happy, healthy and productive? If yes, then go for it. Be part of it.



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