Don’t forget to connect when you communicate.

Communication is everywhere and in many, many forms. Everyone communicates, but not many truly connect. Because truly making a connection with people is difficult. When it comes to leadership, this is where connective communication is even more important. It’s one thing to tell people what you expect of them, it’s another to really have them understand and engage.

To communication as a leader.

Steven Taylor, author of Leadership Art, Leadership Craft, says,

Leadership is the craft of working with other humans to get things done. In the same way that a carpenter learns to use tools and techniques to work wood into something beautiful and functional, a leader can learn to use tools and techniques to work their connections with others to develop beautiful and functional relationships.

If you want to engage and connect more with the people who work for you, you first have to know yourself. Be contemplative, meditative and look inward to know how you are perceived in the outside world. A true leader is someone who is sure of who they are, the good and the bad.

Next steps in the art of communication.

Next steps is being able to understand, empathize  and listen to other; whether these are peer leaders or your staff. Listen. By listening and thus understanding what they say, want and need, you can truly make a connection with them.

A true connection makes communication better and more smooth. If you know where someone is coming from and understand what they are dealing with, only then you can communicate in a way that they will relate to.



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