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Let’s all applaud disruptive thinking

There are a few traits that every entrepreneur should have. Traits like courage, being forward-minded and being able to think differently. Thinking differently is now often called disruptive thinking. It’s about leaving your comfort zone and trying and doing new things. To just act and do, without thinking too much about negative things like rejection or failure.  Disruptive thinkers are often entrepreneurs, because these are people who challenge the status quo.

But what makes thinking disruptive?

It’s the kind of thinking that makes the mind really work hard instead of sending it into autopilot. It’s the kind of thinking that makes people shift perspectives, overcome barriers and is anything but linear. It asks open questions with a lot of “what if’s”.

Disruptive thinking is not necessarily an innate trait, it can also be taught. We share a few tips to train your brain and awaken your mind.

Colour outside the lines
Don’t be afraid to question the things “that have always been done this way”, the habits of your coworkers, so-called best practices or decisions.

Leave your comfort zone
Challenge yourself to do more and do better.  Conquer and face your own weaknesses and motivate yourself to change them.

Trust yourself 
Stop waiting for people to pat you on the back or give you compliments, trust your own judgement. If you feel confident in the steps that you’ve taken, you’ll also feel confident in the decisions you’ve made.

Lessons learned
Accept failures and embrace them as lessons learned

Embrace your inner disruptor
Is your worst case scenario really that bad? So your idea won’t work out or your plans get postponed. Don’t worry – just do it. Be bold and be brave.

Want to train your disruptive thinking? Join our session (in Dutch) on November 24th.


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