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The David Allen Recap

Last week we hosted the GTD-guy himself, Mr David Allen. His method on Getting Things Done has been a hit for a huge number of years. He was a special guest invited by Are You Swedish’ Hanneke who launched her online department store last week at the Spaces pop-up shop.

Creating a method.

David Allen started his talk with  how Getting Things Done  came about. Like most methods, of course, it didn’t start out as a one, he just had a system and saw patterns within this system. After many years working as a consultant, he was able to get down to the core of his system and create the GTD-method.


This method is a  life-hack that has been immensely popular for over decades. It’s safe to say that it serves as the inspiration of many other efficiency methods that came after. His method is based on 5 principles that will make your (work)life a whole lot more manageable.

Listing is smart.

David Allen is a man who is easily quotable, according to him the reasons that making lists and categorising them works is because “your head is actually a really shitty office”. This is because “your brain is not designed to remember or compartmentalise. It’s designed to make current decisions”.
Using his method will help you go further, because “making lists is not a dumb thing but smart, as it helps you to keep focus and puts you in cruise control. It allows your brain to let it go.”As he explained, it’s helps you to function like a footballer who has only 2 things on their mind: “where’s the goal and what’s the next play.”

Get the book.

Want to know more about his methods, get his latest edition at the Are You Swedish Cool Department Store.

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