The magic of coworking spaces unravelled: the place to thrive and high five

The coworking concept has proven its magic. Research points out that people working in coworking spaces report higher levels of success than workers with jobs in regular offices. On a scale of 1 to 7, coworkers score a 6, in comparison to employees who work in a regular office, scoring a point less.

Conclusion? The coworking space kicks the traditional offices’ behind. Freelancers, remote workers and business owners can truly develop, grow and flourish within the flexible working environments. But what makes these spaces so efficient? Let’s spill the magic beans.

The beans of the thriving tribe

A community of diverse members makes that, you, as an individual, don’t have to be two-faced or create a second work persona. It makes it easier to just be yourself. And due to the variety of skill sets and talent within different working fields, a culture exists where people willingly provide and help each other out. Moreover, there’s that feeling of inclusiveness. Of being part of a social movement – a community. Even if you’re an independent freelancer or entrepreneur, you’re never truly on your own. And at last, but definitely not least, people are never forced to socialise or work at set times. This means utter flexibility in the workplace, which forms a great drive to perform.

Vitality and growth

But what are the specific ingredients that make people truly thrive within these coworking communities? According to the Harvard Business Review there are two components of thriving: vitality and growth. And they dance a continuous tango. One doesn’t work without the other. You can be crazy passionate about your work, but if you don’t gain new knowledge eventually you’ll miss out. The same goes for when you learn new skills, but you don’t have the heart for it anymore, it will eventually burn you out.

Here at Spaces we care deeply about both: vitality and personal growth. In case you haven’t noticed: we like to keep you on your toes. But we also like you mentally and physically in top shape. And aside from all that, we want you to work in a comfortable space that makes you feel right at home. Nothing too comfy though – since we don’t want to trick you into staying in late – after ‘office hours.’

Let’s strive to thrive together, shall we?

Via our networking events we want you to get to know your coworkers, exchange ideas and make you feel like you’re a part of a greater group. Because you are! During our workshops, experts talk about topics like braintraining, innovation and productivity. At these gatherings we encourage you to be the best you, to keep learning new skills and stay on top of market trends. But with burnout rates going through the roof these days, we also care about your (mental) health. That’s why we invest time in organising mindful events, and yoga and meditation sessions at Spaces locations all over the world. It’s all about balance. We – literally – want you to have the Space to develop and be the best version of your authentic self. So let’s strive to thrive together, shall we?

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