Coworking (n., adj.)

The moment has finally arrived. Many industry leaders have been requesting for this small adjustment for years, yet never succeeded. A simple change that will make a huge difference in the industry and can, at the same time, be seen as a wafer-thin adjustment. Of course we’re talking about leaving the hyphen out between co and working, it’s now officially called ‘coworking’.

The idea of sharing a working space is not new anymore. As people have been working together for years, coworking is the simple act of facilitating space to diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers and other independents. Investors have been financially supporting coworking spaces tremendously, which made it possible for the industry to grow massively all over the world.

The Key

What makes coworking spaces so successful? Firstly, it are inspiring spaces where everyone around you is working hard on different projects for different companies. This makes them an interesting place to meet new people whom might have value for your own business. Secondly, usually coworking spaces work with memberships and have multiple locations. If you’re lucky, they have coworking spaces around the globe. Sometimes they even have a location at an airport, which makes waiting for your flight as busy entrepreneur very comfortable.

Come see us

Want to check out if coworking is something for you? Book a free trial day or check out all our other possibilities at one of our many Spaces. On all these spots, wherever they are in the world, you’ll feel the Spaces-vibe; a positive energy. With Spaces we’ve changed the ‘going to the office’ feeling. It’s no longer something that you have to do, like a restrictive activity in an ugly building with bad lighting. We sincerely believe that every big city in the world needs a Spaces. A beautiful environment, designed by a great architect, where you come to work, to meet people, to get inspired, to be productive and to make connections. And of course, to drink great coffee.

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