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California Dreamin’


In a current world in which we’re striving so hard to acquire equal rights and pay, gender equality and the abolishment of racism, California sits high on a pedestal. The US state is amending many laws in order to get the working world to welcome everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual preferences, or race. After all, we are all human, and we are all equal, so it’s about time we started getting treated that way.

Dreams aren’t only for novels & songs

California seems to be a hotspot for lyricists and novelists. Painting people’s minds that it’s  a haven for success and money, they’re not actually far from the truth. Home to some of the world’s most dominating tech companies in the world, it’s no surprise everyone wants to claim the next Silicon Valley. Apple, Cisco, Google and HP, you name it. All tech giants are there.  What’s different about Silicon Valley is that all of these headquarters are designed to inspire. Google’s multi-coloured bikes energise staff between meetings. Facebook’s offices allude to a child’s play-pen, and Apple plans to launch their offices into a Space world. What’s important here, is that these companies care about their employees. They attract hard-working and highly motivated people through the realms of inspiration and fun & equality.

Calling the ladies

Whilst California is squashing the gender gap of equal pay and equal rights, the technological world still provides a bit of a struggle for women in STEM related careers. Organisations all over the world are encouraging women to get involved in science and technology.  California plays base to  a number of non-profit organisations to get girls involved. Seven out of twenty-five top voted executives were female in last year’s Forbes list. Less than a third, but it’s something.

Inspiration. Everywhere.

With sun-kissed boulevards, palm trees, and a horizon full of skyscrapers, California is truly diverse. Whilst the twenty-somethings hop the streets to stumble upon their youthful dreams in San Fransisco to get their daily dose of hustle and bustle, the others set up as close to the ‘valley’ as possible. Life in California is high-paced but also laid back. Generally people love it here, therefore they look after where they live. With bike lanes almost as wide as they are long, and the buzzword being ‘recycle‘, people are out to improve the world.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those rollerblades and check out our equally inspiring & fun-fuelled locations in California.

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