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China: Booming business and the fine line of focus

booming business and the fine line of focus

Taking the lead for the world’s most populous country, playing home to over 1.36 billion people, it comes as no surprise that the country rakes in business.  With so many people it’s important to have some form of order in place, and also to ensure people aren’t at a disadvantage with their quality of life & focus.

Sleep your way to the top

And no, not in that way. Literally, snooze your way to the top.  China’s technology sector is booming. With most products being manufactured  in Asian countries and developments occurring left right and centre, this places huge competition and responsibility on companies to make sure they stay ahead of the game. Business are expanding rapidly which means workers are required to put in harder efforts and longer hours . The risk of course, is that workers loose focus and concentration.

The solution: either a 2 hour lunch break to revitalise or a well earned nap. Catching on to Japan’s new trend of introducing nap stations, many bosses are giving their staff permission to take a nap. Identifying that un-expected napping on a job caused quite the issue, it makes sense that China are beginning to install quiet corners. Stacked with bunk beds or pop-up camp beds to accommodate those tired brains. A rested head results in a happier head, refining that line of focus. Snuggle down, and we will see you back in 30.

Back to business

A 2-hour lunch break seems the perfect time to catch up on lost sleep and  the chance to grab some well deserved food and an energy boost. Often though, the Chinese utilise the time to hold meetings or celebrate that all important deal. Within our working etiquette, relationships between companies stays strictly professional. Differing to European culture, greetings lay within a trusted hand shake or the exchange of business cards, no matter how familiar the colleague.

Internet addicts

Technological involvement and mass production is on the rise. Youth are growing up with a warped perception of the world through VR, whilst adults tap right instead of turning a page. Although the internet facilitates productive business, it also has it’s drawbacks: internet addicts. In order to overcome the problem, as a country the Chinese taken it upon ourselves to combat the addiction.  Wary of the implications it has on human interaction, namely family relationships, we’ve made it our mission to regain some lost time.  It’s an important issue to combat because being sat in the same spot for hours on end, changes your value and awareness of those around you. Communication barriers become more significant, and although you may be connecting with ‘more’ in life, it’s all to easy to  become more disconnected to the life in front of you.

Being sat in the same spot all week isn’t something we’re a fan of at Spaces which is why we have our business club. Monday it might be a window seat, Tuesday perched on a stool, and Friday may demand a chill on a sofa. Check out our new location coming up in Shanghai.


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