Another Czech off our list: Spaces is opening in the Czech Republic

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The fairytale capital of Prague is more than just a pretty face – it’s a multicultural business hub with an ever-growing demand for coworking space. Here’s why Spaces is opening four locations in the city.

When a city’s available coworking spaces triple in two years, our ears tend to prick up. And now – as Prague’s popularity seems to be ever-increasing – we’re opening up not one, but four Spaces locations in the gorgeous eastern European city. And for good reason: Prague’s status as a European business hub has been solid for some time. But in recent years, a cocktail of traditional and next-generation working cultures is creating a stir. The result is an intriguing blend of companies seeking flexible workspace in the capital.

The Prague race is on

“Prague’s business climate is very good right now,” says Karel Pelan, Country Manager of the Czech Republic. “It reminds me of the dynamic 90s when, after the revolution, many corporations invested in the Czech market. We’re seeing them expand their business again, opening shared service centers in clusters. Local businesses are also growing, be they freelancers or start-ups.”
He adds: “The younger generation has made employers re-think workspace strategies and it’s obvious that flexible working is one of the benefits they require when searching for a job.”

Global mindset, European hub

One of the top ten tourist destinations in the world, Prague’s popularity with visitors gives it an international buzz. Its outward-looking population embraces cultural differences, making it expat-friendly, and an attractive European base for many overseas companies.
“The city’s business community is international due to the ‘old’ expats who came here in the booming 90s with the multinationals,” says Pelan. “Many of them have stayed and have started their own businesses. There’s also been a slew of new expats joining the international companies lately.”

Watch these Spaces:

  1. The first of the four Spaces to launch in Prague will be Spaces Albatros. In September 2019, it will be housed within an elegant building on the historic Narodni Street, where the Velvet Revolution began in 1989. Our members will love the 360-degree terrace, where they can gather and gaze across the Old Town’s many spires while taking in spectacular views of Prague Castle.
  2. Welcoming its first tenants in November 2019, Spaces Nile House will pop up in the River City area along the buzzing waterfront of Karlin – an industrial neighbourhood that’s transformed into a dynamic office hub.
  3. Known for its high-rise buildings, the business district of Pankrac will be the home of Spaces Park View. The venue will open up inside a brand new glass building flooded with nature daylight. Features will include a roof terrace, plus a common area offering laundry service, dining options and a handy shop.
  4. Finally, the ultra-modern Spaces Smíchoff will bring eco-friendly flex space to Prague’s up-and-coming Smíchoff district. The newly developed building will be fitted with sustainable materials and technology from top to bottom.

Prague’s beautiful historic setting, international outlook and forward-thinking mindset make it a pleasant place to set up a business. And now, whichever part of the city takes your fancy, Spaces will soon be ready and waiting to welcome you there. Czech out how the historic city of Prague embraces this new way of working – book a tour at one our Spaces in the city

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