5 Ways to not feel guilty for taking a break from work

If you’re not already tanning on a beach somewhere, we suggest you keep reading (If you are, get off your screen and soak up that sun).

If you’re not, take a second to remember what vacation feels like. That salty air, the sun on your face and sand between your toes. Or maybe you’ll go for a nice staycation close to home. Either way, you wake up every day without a worry in the world. A clean break from all the work hassle, stress and deadlines. Vacation – if celebrated properly ­­– gives you the opportunity to recharge, relax and get back at the office with full focus and new energy.

Though, the unused paid leave of employees seems to build up throughout the years. People tend to make longer working days and take fewer days off. Here are 5 ways to not feel guilty about taking a break from your work routine:

Remind yourself that you have the right to a break

Many employees are keen to prove they are indispensable. Some of them are afraid to claim their time-off from work. What if they appear replaceable? Or even worse: get fired? No need to worry; your boss won’t fire you over your summer vacation. Go ahead and use your paid time-off, you have earned every minute of it. It is in your contract and besides, vacation time is essential for your well-being. Every company wants healthy employees, right?

A healthy work-life balance is important

You probably know this already: taking a vacation is good for you. So, go do it. Everyone needs a break from work from time to time, to stay sane. You are of no good use to your boss if you break under work-pressure. That’s why you should remember that recharging your body and mind is important.

Time-off boosts your productivity

You might think that you’re the most productive employee of the year if you forfeit your vacation time. Well, you’re mistaken. Research points out that time off from work and completely disconnecting from work leads to being more productive.

Take advantage of the summer slow down

Most businesses experience a huge summer slowdown during the summer months. This because clients or customers take some time off, big projects start after summer vacation, etc. So, here’s your chance. Book that ticket and enjoy your summer holiday and reconnect with friends, family or yourself.

Change of scenery stokes your creativity at work

Sometimes it is hard to think creatively while being physically near to the problem. It may cause your thoughts to be bound by a certain thinking pattern or stuck in a loop of limited thoughts. Whilst when traveling, your mind gets to wander, causing it to shift into a more expansive kind of cognition. One where there is more space for creative thinking, inspiration and ideas.

If you haven’t already planned your getaway while reading this article, go ahead and do it now. Pack your bags. It’s time for sunnies, sunscreen and siesta.

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