2018: The year of Spaces

2018 was the year that officially put Spaces on the map. Not only as a way of saying it, but also quite literally. That alone is plenty of reason to celebrate, but a lot more has happened as well. That’s why we’re taking the time to take a look back at the best things that happened in 2018.

A decade of Spaces

Almost exactly ten years ago, the very first Spaces popped up at the Herengracht in Amsterdam, and little did we know at the time what was about to happen. The way people worked was about to change. The economic crisis happened, and as a side effect, flexible working and coworking flourished, which led to the opening of more locations just a few years later. And it didn’t stop there, we went to another city, to another country, and the momentum never stopped. Now, ten years later, we’re open in over 30 countries and the worldwide number of Spaces is getting close to over 200 locations.  And as far as having Spaces on the map goes, it works best when actually viewing it on the world map.

Spaces Worldwide

Adding Value

With all these Spaces opening up, we’ve really gotten the knack for making the most of what a building has to offer. Sometimes this means revitalising existing properties and real estate, and turning it into a thriving hub for business. Other times, we take a brand new property and make it our own. All in a way that is sustainable, practical and ready to make a long-lasting impact. And it’s paying off. This year, Spaces Chamchuri Square in Thailand won the best Coworking Development in the Asia Property Awards.  And a lot more nominations happened. But the very best part? We get to provide a place that inspires the best to perform even better, all around the world.

Global mindset

Some of our favourite moments this year came by unexpected. We visited 4YFN in Barcelona and the Rise Conference in Hong Kong, showing off what value we add in the shape of a pop up Spaces. A space in a busy conference that allowed people to enjoy a coffee and check out their email, in the comfort of an office. This way, we got to show off what makes Spaces so special on the go.

Pop-up Spaces at 2018’S 4YFN Event from Spaces. on Vimeo.


Ready to launch

With Ten Years Of Spaces, we got to launch an ambitious programme that allows us to take the lead in providing the ultimate workspace community feeling. From the Power Of Ten, where we let ten inspiring artists from the Netherlands display their work in ten Spaces around the world, to our very first print magazine: Let’s Work, we wanted to expand on what it means to be a part of Spaces.

Spaces 10 year Anniversary: Let’s Work. from Spaces. on Vimeo.

But of course that’s not all. There’s a lot more we did in 2018. Watch our magazine page closely for part 2. 

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